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Word Example of - ancestor

    Example Sentences for ancestor

    The next day he would say: 'I come to bring a sword'--that was the noble German blood of a Teutonic ancestor.

    If he was one, he was either the victim of misfortune or the inheritor of the misfortune of an ancestor.

    But the disgrace of their ancestor has always been keenly felt by them.

    Hubert, living 1281-82; ancestor of the Marquis of Clanricarde.

    This represents a particular form of animism, for the soul of the ancestor is thought to become a god.

    The familia continued to the heirs as it was left by the ancestor.

    From this has arisen the most powerful cult, ancestor worship, that at present exists in China.

    The ancestor did not get any right, because he did not use the way long enough.

    They claim to have come from an Arabian ancestor who is descended from the Prophet, and take great pride in the fact.

    The heir has the advantage of sustaining his ancestor's and the right is acquired.

Word Origin & History of - ancestor

    Word Origin & History

    ancestor c.1300, from O.Fr. ancestre (Mod.Fr. ancêtre), from L.L. antecessor "predecessor," lit. "foregoer," agent noun from L. antecessus, pp. of antecedere "precede," agent noun from ante- "before" (see ante) + cedere "to go" (see cede). Fem. form ancestress recorded from 1570s.

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