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Word Example of - ancestry

    Example Sentences for ancestry

    But they were good enough for the occasion and their very form was sacred by ancestry.

    Norman ancestry, is, however, not always to be assumed in this case.

    In regard to their ancestry it is very difficult to trace back to the original stock from which they came.

    To find the beginning of his ancestry, we must reach far back into history.

    His father was a man of unmingled African extraction and his mother a white woman of respectable New England ancestry.

    A more thoroughly New England ancestry it would be hard to find.

    Peasant bandits have provided the ancestry of many imperial houses.

    Will you descend with me, madam, into the sepulchre of your ancestry?

    So too did the first-known step of our own ancestry upon land, the amphibia.

    By ancestry and training, you're as unlike as a Zulu and an Eskimo.

Word Origin & History of - ancestry

    Word Origin & History

    ancestry early 14c., from O.Fr. ancesserie "ancestry, ancestors, forefathers," from ancestre (see ancestor), spelling modified by influence of ancestor.

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