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Word Example of - anchor

    Example Sentences for anchor

    Thus they lay, as it were, at anchor in the lee of this extemporised breakwater.

    They reached the bay, and descended at the spot where the Leger ought to have been at anchor.

    Priscilla, on her knees under the foresail, tugged at the anchor rope.

    They had not to wait long, for the anchor was weighed, and the captain rang the gong.

    Too late, he saw that the boat lying at anchor was not an accident.

    The anchor was all ready, was let go, and the steamer swung round to her cable.

    But those lights seemed to anchor what was half vision to earth.

    The boat rushed by the barges and passage-boats as though they were at anchor.

    The vessels furled their sails, and drew in their banners, and rode at anchor, presenting their heads doggedly to the storm.

    Bivens's yacht lay at anchor in the river just in front of his house.

Word Origin & History of - anchor

    Word Origin & History

    anchor O.E. ancor, borrowed 9c. from L. ancora, from or cognate with Gk. ankyra "anchor, hook" (see ankle). A very early borrowing and said to be the only L. nautical term used in the Gmc. languages. The -ch- spelling emerged late 16c., in imitation of a misspelling of the L. word. The fig. sense of "that which gives stability or security" is from late 14c. Meaning "host or presenter of a TV or radio program" is from 1965, short for anchorman (1958), which earlier meant "the last man of a tug-of-war team" (1909) and "the one who runs last in a relay race" (1934). The verb is first attested early ...13c."Anchors are of various sizes. The largest is the SHEET-anchor; next in size are the BOWER-anchors, hung in the bows of ships; the smallest is the KEDGE-anchor." [OED]

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