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Word Example of - anesthetic

    Example Sentences for anesthetic

    The instruments should be prepared and ready before the anesthetic is given, regardless of the form of anesthesia employed.

    But before she goes under the anesthetic she wants to see you.

    Tropacocaine may replace cocaine in every case as an anesthetic.

    The stomach must be empty before administering the anesthetic.

    The finding of the matches was like an anesthetic to the agony of the clamp on his leg.

    Before the Operation the patient must be made ready to take the anesthetic.

    Under the anesthetic the boy had mumbled something about the “agricultural man” who had told him to come.

    If an anesthetic is to be used these are the pains that call for it.

    Nancy will be safe now—as safe as if she were under an anesthetic.

    Last time Aunt Sophie was the anesthetic: sometimes it's even worse.

Word Origin & History of - anesthetic

    Word Origin & History

    anesthetic alt. spelling of anaesthetic (q.v.). See ae.

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