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Word Example of - annal

    Example Sentences for annal

    The first notice of London found in authentic history occurs in Tacitus, Annal.

    The names of five hanged on the same day at Pomfret are given in Annal.

    From the romance to the annal, the observation holds good; it is an inalienable landmark, and of inviolable unanimity.

    See what Tacitus says of Nero in regard to this point, Annal.

    It is not in annal form; only six dates are given as headings and events are not recorded in their chronological order.

    There was no annal in the family letters of his name, although other rejected suitors were mentioned freely.

    Dr. Grubitz has suggested this view of the Annal of 755, in which there is a fight in a Saxon castle (burh).

Word Origin & History of - annal

    Word Origin & History

    annal rare; sing. of annals (q.v.).

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