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Word Example of - annexation

    Example Sentences for annexation

    Polk found his Cabinet divided on the subject of “all Mexico,” with the preponderance of influence in favor of annexation.

    Lewis was bent on the ruin of Holland and the annexation of Flanders.

    There is a good deal of gossip over the fact that Mr. Sherman put his signature to the Annexation Treaty.

    The work was started soon after annexation, but only finished in 1859.

    Cuba, emancipation in, 108;annexation of demanded in Ostend manifesto, 128.

    Naturally, the Conservative leaders are for conquest and annexation.

    They have refused to nominate Mr. Van Buren because he is opposed to the annexation of Texas.

    What they do regard it as, is a menace to their independence, and a prelude to annexation.

    Tyler approved the annexation of Texas to the Union near the end of his Presidential administration.

    There is a good deal of talk in the newspapers about the annexation of Cuba.

Word Origin & History of - annexation

    Word Origin & History

    annexation 1620s, from M.L. annexiationem (nom. annexatio) "action of annexing," noun of action from annexatus, pp. of annexare (see annex).

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