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Word Example of - annihilate

    Example Sentences for annihilate

    The Chief's warriors would intercept, ambush and annihilate every war party headed for his camp.

    The introduction of Christianity did not annihilate the older cults.

    I hope Lee will make the most of his time, and annihilate their drilled and seasoned troops.

    He might well think: Why does she, whom I love so dearly, want to annihilate me?

    Destroy my past, annihilate my present, dissipate my future, and then it will be permitted to me to live in obscurity!

    Radically or suddenly to change that essentially is to annihilate us.

    Fight with yer fists on the squar, and I will annihilate yer.

    It aims to direct, to modify, to heal, to moderate—but never to alter or annihilate.

    No number of miles or days can change or separate faithful spirits or annihilate early associations.

    Our presence bestows not being on it: our absence does not annihilate it.

Word Origin & History of - annihilate

    Word Origin & History

    annihilate 1520s, from an obsolete adj. meaning "reduced to nothing" (late 14c.), originally the pp. of a verb, anihil, from O.Fr. annichiler, from L.L. annihilare "to reduce to nothing," from L. ad- "to" + nihil "nothing" (see nil).

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