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    Sippi, agreeably to the early French annotation of the word, signifies a river.

    There are no notes; and Praed is an author who is much in need of annotation.

    She fancied his hand shook a trifle as he made an annotation on the pad he carried.

    The annotation of books was not a common practice then, nor has it been since.

    For you may call to mind, that in the Annotation upon the 39th.

    The annotation of these books possessed the same qualification.

    No book (it would seem in consequence) exemplifies the mania for annotation and "justification" more extensively.

    Hence the crudity and incongruity of his text, his vacillating opinions, and the weakness and poverty of his annotation.

    The work of annotation and introduction was not hard, and was decidedly interesting.

    Such is the origin of the term Chicago,  which is a derivative, by elision and French annotation, from the word Chi-kaug-ong.

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    Word Origin & History

    annotation mid-15c., from L. annotationem (nom. annotatio), from annotatus, pp. of annotare "to add notes to," from ad- "to" + notare "to note, mark" (see note (v.)).