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Word Example of - annotator

    Example Sentences for annotator

    Well, first of all, he would be a living man, and not an annotator of the past.

    Theodore Hook, at that time a very young man, and the companion of the annotator in many wild frolics.

    He retired and spent his two remaining years in a monastery; he was a student and annotator of Homer.

    But the character which the annotator gives as a model of panegyric, pleases us least of all.

    If this be the meaning in our quotation, the appearance described is unrecognized by the present annotator.

    His knowledge of the science (as the annotator observes) could not have been very deep, for he was then but twenty-two.

    The annotator further says 253, "It is needless to comment upon such hearsay statements, received from an African traveller."

    The theme of the Trio is acclaimed by a German annotator as the reverse of the first motive of the symphony.

    One feels that the annotator might just as well have written, "How perfect was the happiness which this poem recalls!"

    Sir Francis Child, according to the annotator mentioned in a note to No. 4.

Word Origin & History of - annotator

    Word Origin & History

    annotate 1733, from L. annotatus, pp. of annotare "to note down" (see annotation).

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