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"announcement Synonyms"

What is a better word for announcement? What's another word for announcement? What are 5 "announcement synonyms"? How can I replace the word announcement? What is the meaning of announcement in English?

Word Example of - announcement

    Example Sentences for announcement

    At first the audience supposed that this announcement was part of the play.

    He knew that it was impossible that there should be any in answer to the announcement of his marriage.

    Well, Sylvester returned with the announcement that he had lightning-rods to sell.

    She was then prepared with the announcement that the snow-boots might be looked for very soon.

    Jim was cleaning his big forty-five when he made the announcement.

    On the glass panel of its door was the announcement: "General Exporter."

    The argument which followed this announcement was not long, but spirited.

    "I must make an announcement before you go," said Captain Ringgold.

    With the announcement that she will return after a while she escapes from their entreaties.

    The announcement caused a sensation, as usual, though it was an old story.

Word Origin & History of - announcement

    Word Origin & History

    announcement 1798, from Fr. announcement, from O.Fr. anoncier (see announce).