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Word Example of - annoyance

    Example Sentences for annoyance

    Sometimes poisons are administered, not for the purpose of destroying life, but of causing some slight injury or annoyance.

    They are allowed divorce, but not without some feeling of annoyance with them if they use it.

    This was much to the annoyance of Callie, the impatient chambermaid, who wanted to get her work done.

    Stuart waved aside the extended hand with a gesture of annoyance.

    In spite of his smile she saw that there was a tinge of annoyance in the look he fixed upon her.

    Harwood looked at him, a faint expression of annoyance crossing his face.

    Under other circumstances the manipulation of my wounds, for they now felt painful, might have caused me annoyance.

    She realized, even in the midst of it, that her annoyance was out of all proportion to the cause.

    Clodagh, to her own annoyance, coloured; and Barnard smiled in his observant, quizzical fashion.

    With this annoyance removed, they had opportunity to enjoy the ride to the full.

Word Origin & History of - annoyance

    Word Origin & History

    annoyance late 14c., "act of annoying," from O.Fr. anuiance, from anuiant, prp. of anuier "to be troublesome, annoy, harass" (see annoy). Meaning "state of being annoyed" is from c.1500.

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