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Word Example of - annuity

    Example Sentences for annuity

    He bought an annuity in the king's household and became one of the Gentlemen of the bed chamber.

    He's got some kind of annuity from a New York life insurance company.

    Sometimes a father leaves an annuity for the support of his daughter in her convent.

    She sold her annuity, or gave up her income, in some way, when we came here.

    The worthy man, who showed such judgment in the matter of his annuity, was at fault here.

    She compromised for an annuity of two hundred pounds, to be continued to her child.

    Bad corn years had driven some of the native Christians to take refuge among the annuity Indians of the Mississippi.

    It is only fair to tell you that I have no money but my annuity.

    It was what is called an annuity; that means, she could have the use of it for her life, but only for her life.

    On her 75th birthday Susan's girls had presented her with an annuity of $800 a year.

Word Origin & History of - annuity

    Word Origin & History

    annuity early 15c., "a yearly allowance," from O.Fr. annuité, from M.L. annuitatem (nom. annuitas), from L. annus "year" (see annual). Meaning "an investment that entitles one to equal annual payments" is from 1690s.

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