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Word Example of - annul

    Example Sentences for annul

    The same gentleman next contended that law can annul Treaties.

    For no man's law, no vow, can annul the commandment and ordinance of God.

    He then proceeded to annul, by his own sole authority, a long series of statutes.

    But as no law of man can annul the commandment of God, so neither can it be done by any vow.

    Not to seek to change the stern decree; not to annul those bitter phrases: his dissolute career—the memory of his misspent youth!

    Therefore, July 7, Talleyrand moved to annul the instructions.

    Then Mr. Bainrothe has concluded to annul the condition of my marriage before leaving the asylum.

    You ought to annul the debt by paying small sums on account.

    That matrimony which the king at first seemed not disposed to annul.

    He was, therefore, competent to annul virtually a penal statute.

Word Origin & History of - annul

    Word Origin & History

    annul late 14c., from O.Fr. anuller, from L.L. annullare "to make to nothing," from L. ad- "to" + nullum, neut. of nullus "nothing" (see null).

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