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The Synonym of - antagonistic (adjective)

Word Example of - antagonistic

    Example Sentences for antagonistic

    The interview had been, on the whole, antagonistic; yet the impression it left on her mind was pleasant.

    The people generally were not antagonistic to a change of rule.

    This man, whose attitude when he saw her in secret at Boscombe was so antagonistic, was now deeply in love with her!

    Philosophy has always been regarded by them as antagonistic to Christian faith.

    There was a little pride about him which was antagonistic to the best interests of such a trade as his.

    He is not in the least antagonistic—so long as I mold my policy upon his wishes!

    What changed this man from his former suspicious and antagonistic aspect, Harriet never knew.

    Fun and solemnity are not necessarily, and never need be, antagonistic.

    And Betty never differs from me in her opinions, but she is antagonistic to her father, always.

    Then it came, in the jeering laughter of the antagonistic Dalis.

Word Origin & History of - antagonistic

    Word Origin & History of antagonistic

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