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Word Example of - antecedent

    Example Sentences for antecedent

    But love is a complacency, and benevolence is but its effect or antecedent.

    It is not brought about by the presence of antecedent realities.

    Sir Isaac Newton somewhere lays it down for a rule, never to admit for history what is antecedent to letters.

    This appears to be the antecedent of the modern country club.

    In (a) the antecedent must be affirmed, in (b) the consequent must be denied; otherwise the arguments become fallacious.

    And by the antecedent, it shall be proportionall to it in shankes.

    Antecedent of that personal pronoun, please; who may the 'she' in question be?

    The antecedent of a pronoun is the noun which goes before it, and for which the pronoun stands.

    He loved his craft, he believed he had not succeeded the millions of antecedent tailors in vain.'

    His scientists, his historians were all of the Victorian age or antecedent thereto.

Word Origin & History of - antecedent

    Word Origin & History

    antecedent late 14c., from Fr. antecedent (14c.), from L. antecedentem (nom. antecedens), prp. of antecedere "go before," from ante- "before" (see ante) + cedere "to yield" (see cede). Used as a noun in L. philosophical writings.

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