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Word Example of - antic

    Example Sentences for antic

    But the moment after, some wild whim would make her resume her antic movements; and all went worse than before.

    I spoke to her, and she complained about the antic behaviour of the land.

    There is the rich poetry of Paderewski, the antic grace and delicious poetry of De Pachmann.

    "I'm paid for my body, not for my voice; so let my body play the antic," she muttered, angrily.

    What is done to Lordsburg we can stand, but a blow at our own warbags, even in antic'pation, is calc'lated to cause us to perk up.

    The situation seemed, in antic irony, to be reversing itself.

    While this last movement was executing, one of them advanced, and performed an antic dance before me; with which the whole ended.

    Nor has rathest been so long out of use, that it would be playing the antic to attempt to revive it.

    No beauty, even artificial or obvious, belongs to the smoke then, and it plays no antic pranks in mimicry of cloud.

    They stamp and jump, and use the most antic gestures for several hours, till they are heartily weary.

Word Origin & History of - antic

    Word Origin & History

    antic 1520s, from It. antico "antique," from L. antiquus "old" (see antique). Originally (like grotesque) referring to the strange and fantastic representations on ancient murals unearthed around Rome, later extended to any bizarre thing or behavior, in which sense it first arrived in English.

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