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Word Example of - anticlimax

    Example Sentences for anticlimax

    Now what can you have to say, Granville, that will not be anticlimax to this exordium?

    But we began at the top; and when you have seen the best there is, everything else is anticlimax.

    It was not till a good many hours later that the anticlimax of the recent situation struck Trix.

    Yes, as you say, a Mamie is an anticlimax to one's best endeavours.

    An anticlimax it is, beyond all doubt; but it does not follow that it is an artistic blemish.

    After what he had been through, the Black Mass was necessarily an anticlimax.

    Kenny feathered his oars in silver spray and wondered impatiently why all love stories ended in an anticlimax.

    It would have been seeking an anticlimax to solicit any more in the building.

    The chauffeur's words came as an anticlimax to what Lee felt.

    Perhaps he felt, as I did, that the explanation was in the nature of an anticlimax.

Word Origin & History of - anticlimax

    Word Origin & History

    anticlimax "the addition of a particular which suddenly lowers the effect," 1727, coined by Alexander Pope (1688-1744), from anti- + climax. Anticlimactic (also anti-climactic) is attested from 1898.

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