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Word Example of - anxiety

    Example Sentences for anxiety

    At the outset I was saved any anxiety by finding the river dirty.

    But at that last remark he could no longer restrain his anxiety.

    Anxiety, and not a desire to see life, had drawn him from his shell in Bison.

    “Her anxiety is purely disinterested,” said Margaret to Philip.

    Nor did anxiety over Toms fate interfere with their appetites.

    I hastened to return, to calm the anxiety of the government.

    My gun-bearer (a Swahili) now began to show an anxiety to turn back.

    Emma caused the Twelve a good deal of anxiety after her husband's death.

    I said between my teeth, looking at him with surprise and anxiety.

    And Johnnie, his face distorted by an agony of anxiety, kept his eyes on Barber.

Word Origin & History of - anxiety

    Word Origin & History

    anxiety 1520s, from L. anxietatem (nom. anxietas), noun of quality from anxius (see anxious). Psychiatric use dates to 1904.

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