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Word Example of - aphids

    Example Sentences for aphids

    The honeydew of aphids very attractive to moths and roaches.

    Does the ant step on the aphids as she runs about among them?

    No, May, they are not falling to pieces; that powder can all be rubbed off, and there are your aphids whole and sound beneath it.

    Why does not Paris green applied to the leaves on which aphids are feeding kill them?

    These, unlike most of their allies, live exposed on the foliage of plants, where they feed by preying on aphids.

    Study what the ants do for the aphids which infest your rose bushes.

    The aphids are very curious insects, and when you are older I hope you will remember to study them carefully.

    For the aphids pay for this help by acting as 'cattle' for the ants.

    It helps us get rid of the aphids, and we should never kill a lacewing or a child of the lacewing.

    And the little brown ants do all this so as to get honey-dew from the aphids?

Word Origin & History of - aphids

    Word Origin & History

    aphid 1884, Anglicized from Mod.L. aphides, pl. of aphis, coined by Linnaeus (1758), though where he got it and why he applied it to the plant louse are mysteries. The theory favored by OED as "least improbable" is that it derives from the pl. of Gk. apheides "unsparing, lavishly bestowed," in ref. either to the "prodigious rate of production" of the insects or their voracity. They also are known as ant-cows.

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