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Word Example of - apical

    Example Sentences for apical

    Apical horn straight conical, frontal horns curved laterally.

    Ring half ovate or nearly triangular, with three curved edges and three prominent corners, one apical and two basal protuberances.

    Occasionally, one or more small black spots, some with white pupils, are present below the apical one.

    Apical horn and the three divergent feet of equal size, somewhat longer than the ring, slightly curved, in the distal half forked.

    The apical horn stands on the apex, the frontal horn half-way up the shell.

    Apical horn half as long as the shell and the three feet; all four spines straight, cylindrical, with thickened club-shaped end.

    The apical spine is shorter and simpler, nearly straight, less ramified.

    The apical horn and the three parallel feet are of equal size and similar form, straight, conical, one-sixth as long as the shell.

    Apical cells or cellules: Trichoptera; the series of cells along the outer margin of wing from pterostigma to arculus.

    Apical horn and the six divergent feet twice to three times as long as the shell, bristle-shaped, irregularly curved and branched.

Word Origin & History of - apical

    Word Origin & History

    apical "of or belonging to an apex," 1828, from L. apicem, from apex (see apex) + -al (1).

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