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The Synonym of - apocalyptic (adj)

Word Example of - apocalyptic

    Example Sentences for apocalyptic

    Way was thoroughly imbued with the apocalyptic belief in the approaching redemption of Israel under the gis of Christianity.

    The work of Art is apocalyptic of the artist's own personality.

    Like the new name written upon the Apocalyptic stone, 'No one knoweth but he that receiveth it.'

    It has not the prolixity which is so common a fault of apocalyptic commentators.

    What Hellenism and Apocalyptic had to give went to Christianity, so far as it survived at all.

    Nor did the Apocalyptic seers dismiss this thought of earthly battle.

    (a) The origin of Apocalyptic is to be sought in unfulfilled prophecy.

    Apocalyptic Number, the mystic number 666 found in Rev. xiii, 18.

    The dull, heavy-featured creature sees an apocalyptic vision and becomes poetical.

    The apocalyptic hope is the end of Old Testament prophecy, but not its height.

Word Origin & History of - apocalyptic

    Word Origin & History of apocalyptic

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