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Word Example of - apostasy

    Example Sentences for apostasy

    At Burnham there is the case of Margery Hedsor, who was excommunicated at intervals for apostasy between 1311 and 1317.

    This was the only method which did not occur to me; or if it did, it was rejected with scorn, as a sign of apostasy.

    His family tries every means to bring him back and to punish his apostasy.

    And he averted his head from her, as though from a temptation to apostasy.

    But it is worse than schism to separate from the universal church: to separate from its faith is apostasy to infidelity.

    Their commander purchased his life by apostasy and a treasonable oath.

    Apostasy from the organization is so rare as to be negligible.

    I would have no part in this apostasy, so I stood there awaiting fate.

    That is the apostasy we have to fear, and is it not already formed?

    They have been tempted to the verge of apostasy; but they are not yet over the edge.

Word Origin & History of - apostasy

    Word Origin & History

    apostasy late 14c., from L. apostasia, from later Gk. apostasia, from apostasis "revolt, defection," lit. "a standing off" (see apostate). General (non-religious) sense is attested from 1570s.

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