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The Synonym of - apothegm (noun)

Word Example of - apothegm

    Example Sentences for apothegm

    It has been an apothegm these five thousand years, that toil sweetens the bread it earns.

    That a style of this kind should be rich in apothegm is not surprising.

    The great poet Mutanebbi has given us an apothegm of great power on this very subject.

    But the truth of this apothegm was not sustained in the present instance.

    “Laugh and grow fat” is an apothegm which all people cannot follow, but our mother did in the most satisfactory manner.

    This apothegm is based upon reason, justice and sound philosophy.

    He delighted to express his opinions by an apothegm, illustrate them by a parable, or drive them home by a story.

    The trouble with Riderhood's apothegm is that it supplies an endless excuse for not doing it.

    Belonging to the same species of Apothegm is what is called the Gnome, a universal expression about life stated briefly.

    With this apothegm from the storehouse of her lately acquired wisdom, she passed to the next paragraph.

Word Origin & History of - apothegm

    Word Origin & History of apothegm

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