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Word Example of - appearing

    Example Sentences for appearing

    Frank was angry, but he held himself in restraint, appearing cool.

    "The boat, sir," cried the marine, appearing from behind the bushes.

    The full moon was just appearing over the mountains when I drove my car up to the villa.

    In the morning he nerved himself to the ordeal of appearing in the streets.

    It is only necessary for me to avoid the presumption of appearing to decide where I have no authority to do it.

    "We'll go to supper," said Miss Montgomery theatrically, appearing at the door.

    In 1622 one Nathaniel Butter began to publish a newspaper bearing a fixed title and appearing at stated intervals.

    There was the sun that had so often gone down without any one's appearing.

    Only the early part of the day and the late afternoon will admit of the traveler's appearing abroad with any degree of comfort.

    "None of that, Daddy," Peggy said, appearing from the kitchen.

Word Origin & History of - appearing

    Word Origin & History

    appear mid-13c., from O.Fr. aparoir (12c.) "appear, come to light, come forth," from L. apparere "to appear," from ad- "to" + perere "to come forth, be visible."

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