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Word Example of - appellation

    Example Sentences for appellation

    He had received the appellation of Firme F, was revered as a saint, and people ascribed marvellous healing power to his tomb.

    Mrs. Vidoux—such was the appellation of this woman—was not attractive.

    This extraordinary man is justly entitled to the appellation of "the father of experimental philosophy."

    They had never heard the appellation applied to me by any man.

    The appellation ‘Mr.’ was not used loosely then as now, but indicated a precise social grade.

    To these may be added another Milanese appellation, panzanega.

    The medical practice in this country is confined to a set of men who have the appellation of "Angekoks," or conjurers.

    I was alluding to times before she assumed that appellation, or became my parent.

    The innkeeper of Peñaflor is named Corcuelo in the French version, an appellation utterly without meaning.

    This youth was named Cooper, and was never called by any other appellation in the ship.

Word Origin & History of - appellation

    Word Origin & History

    appellation late 15c., "action of appealing" (to a higher authority), from O.Fr. appellation (13c.), from L. appellationem (nom. appellatio), noun of action from appellare (see appeal). Meaning "designation, name given to a person, thing, or class" is from mid-15c., from a sense also found in M.Fr. appeler

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