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Word Example of - applause

    Example Sentences for applause

    There was no applause, which chilled the singers and everybody else.

    There was laughter and applause and not a soul offered to leave.

    When she got through, there was a round of applause throughout the company.

    Yet it was received by the only burst of applause which broke the monotony of the occasion.

    There was a murmur of applause as the bearers set down the stretcher and displayed a goodly cask.

    Scott, however, had not waited for this new burst of applause.

    The three notes, not very high, not very loud, were drowned in the applause that roared at her from the house.

    But Cap was too sincerely sorry for Black Donald to care for the applause.

    They were sadly treated for setting the example, modern divines follow with applause.

    It was all carried out with extreme reverence and the applause was enthusiastic.

Word Origin & History of - applause

    Word Origin & History

    applause early 15c., from L. applausus, pp. of applaudere "approve by clapping hands" (see plaudit).

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