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The Synonym of - appointee (noun)

Word Example of - appointee

    Example Sentences for appointee

    To what extent ought the President in making appointments to take into consideration the politics of the appointee?

    When his appointee was duly chosen he proceeded to the investiture.

    To this end he went to a village where lived a member of Congress, who, he thought, might make him his appointee.

    The appointee is usually a member nominated by the local members.

    Frazier's appointee, however, was a lieutenant from a distant station.

    One of those two was Peter Bascot, an appointee of Washington.

    The government seemed never to inquire too minutely into the qualifications and character of its appointee.

    "But I have no uniform, Captain Passford," suggested the appointee.

    He was an appointee of Governor McGraw and was the most conspicuous example of a purely political appointment.

    He scouted the idea of the President's appointment creating a vested interest in the appointee to his salary as minister.

Word Origin & History of - appointee

    Word Origin & History

    appointee 1768, after Fr. appointé, from apointer (see appoint).