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Word Example of - appointment

    Example Sentences for appointment

    That's why I come, lest this appointment should ha' proved a pitfall to you.

    However, he had done so, and the appointment was made, so there was no more to be said.

    "Two days hence I have an appointment with la Peyrade," said Cerizet.

    He seized his telephone and made an appointment to call at once on Bivens.

    I kept the appointment, and I found the lady even more beautiful than the Venetian's praises of her had led me to expect.

    Then is there no chance of your getting some other appointment?

    Only four sections, however, were created in the appointment of the National Conservation Commission.

    It had requested an appointment with Mr. Franklin on the following morning.

    It contained notice of his own appointment by the people, in place of the Count Dejean, dismissed.

    He recommended the appointment of an English bishop and a Scots' presbytery.

Word Origin & History of - appointment

    Word Origin & History

    appointment early 15c., "a pointing out," from O.Fr. apointment, from apointer (see appoint). Meaning "an arrangement to meet" is recorded from 1520s. Meaning "act of placing in office" is attested from 1650s.

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