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The Synonym of - apportionment (noun)

Word Example of - apportionment

    Example Sentences for apportionment

    I wondered if the man Dimpdin would suggest the apportionment of flasks to soldiers, in his Evangelical report!

    (b) Changes in the apportionment of the target among the subdivisions.

    But the apportionment of districts was such that the legislature contained a majority for Douglas.

    See Schuyler i, 286 on the apportionment of water to Samarkand and Bukhr.

    There was also some difficulty over the apportionment of the debt.

    What is the principle of apportionment of the members of each house?

    The Apportionment bill, as received from the House of Representatives, was taken up.

    There should be no mistake made as to the apportionment of blame.

    Backed by the second personage, who wore hair on his cheeks, he dictated the apportionment.

    Can the state, acting through officials, make this apportionment better than it can be made by competition?

Word Origin & History of - apportionment

    Word Origin & History of - apportionment

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