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The Synonym of - apposite (adj)

Word Example of - apposite

    Example Sentences for apposite

    He flung a swift glance at the man as he realized that his observation was apposite.

    Even Balder made remarks which seemed to be regarded as apposite.

    These remarks, as will appear in the sequel, are apposite to the parties which I am about to introduce to the reader.

    Talk should proceed by instances; by the apposite, not the expository.

    The drummer sits cross-legged on the ground, and accompanies the beat of the drum with apposite words.

    In any event it was apposite to remark, "Of course Emmie's the pet."

    More than once exactly the right moment presented itself when he could interject an apposite remark.

    The Skipper's apposite remarks aided me in keeping my senses.

    On this point, Mr. Larocque has given copious and apposite arguments and citations.

    The words which he has taken from me are so apposite as to be almost prophetical.

Word Origin & History of - apposite

    Word Origin & History

    apposite 1620s, "well-put or applied, appropriate," from L. appositus, pp. of apponere "apply to, put near," from ad- "near" + ponere "to place" (see position).

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