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Word Example of - appreciation

    Example Sentences for appreciation

    Everyone likes to be treated with appreciation and understanding and is willing to repay the same in like form.

    Let me express to you my appreciation of the kindness by which I am permitted to address you.

    So that the poor man had to beg his dismissal; get it, and go to Denmark for new promotion and appreciation.

    This sympathy and appreciation for another is the first step in love.

    In this process of appreciation and learning the primitive method of trial and error comes into the service of imitation.

    She touches upon his work with delicate praise and appreciation.

    I've idealized nothing at all, but my own appreciation of her, and perhaps a trick or two, have caught you.

    How may the study of nature help in the appreciation of literature?

    "We are getting more consideration and appreciation," said another.

    She looked at me, and when I could not forbear a smile of appreciation she smiled back.

Word Origin & History of - appreciation

    Word Origin & History

    appreciation c.1600, from Fr. appréciation, noun of action from apprécier (14c.), from L. appretiare "action of estimating quality" (see appreciate). Generally with a sense of "high estimation" from c.1650. Meaning "expression of (favorable) estimation" is from 1858; sense of "rise in value" is from c.1790.