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The Synonym of - appreciative (adjective)

Word Example of - appreciative

    Example Sentences for appreciative

    Bully yarn youve turned up, came his appreciative comment over the clatter of the keys.

    They had worked themselves into the most appreciative state of mind.

    Trent, himself an amateur of good shoe-leather, now turned to these, and glanced over the collection with an appreciative eye.

    He certainly is a delightful person, so cultured and appreciative.

    Again press notices abound, all generally with appreciative comment.

    Rarely had they found a more fitting or appreciative audience.

    Keats was too well balanced to be carried into appreciative excesses.

    "Then I hope he is, too," Grief said, with an appreciative smile.

    In short, the value of a book thus read and discussed, in an appreciative circle, may be more than doubled to each reader.

    They all laughed, not boisterously, actually an appreciative laugh.

Word Origin & History of - appreciative

    Word Origin & History

    appreciative 1650s (implied in appreciatively); see appreciate + -ive.