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Word Example of - apprehend

    Example Sentences for apprehend

    The judicious reader will apprehend that I allude to the persons called day scholars.

    I daresay some of you have never tried to apprehend what it means.

    I apprehend no immediate difficulty with the new Subah, although 'tis true there have been little vexations.

    He took it as a personal grudge that Lyte was trying to apprehend his sister.

    I was commissioned by the king to apprehend the Earl of Huntingdon.

    A warrant was given to the sheriff to apprehend him by name, with divers others.

    From the inquiries I made, however, I apprehend that it is a kind of solfatara.

    But to understand the Magyar music you must apprehend the Magyar's character.

    "I apprehend that the world judges differently," said Allan Roscoe.

    Woman's heart is quicker to apprehend all possibilities than man's.

Word Origin & History of - apprehend

    Word Origin & History

    apprehend late 14c., "to grasp in the mind," from L. apprehendere "to take hold of, grasp," from ad- "to" + prehendere "to seize" (see prehensile). Metaphoric extension to "seize with the mind" took place in L., and was the sole sense of cognate O.Fr. aprendre (Mod.Fr. apprendre "to learn, to be informed about;" also cf. apprentice). Original sense returned in Eng. in meaning "to seize in the name of the law, arrest," recorded from 1540s, which use probably was taken directly from Latin.