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Word Example of - apprentice

    Example Sentences for apprentice

    Arkwright invented the spinning machines, while a barber's apprentice.

    In fact, he was nothing more nor less than an apprentice to his master.

    The master told him to "go on Morsing," and, when he received any information, to send the apprentice down to him with it.

    Roosevelt rode with them, as "boss" and at the same time as apprentice.

    All this he could accomplish while earning his daily wages as an apprentice or a common laborer.

    She had continued her music until her playing had passed the apprentice stage.

    Every apprentice, on being enrolled, paid fees, which went to a fund called "spoon silver."

    Such a thing had never been known among the apprentice lads.

    We had an apprentice o' the guild back in Cork who might have made a good sorcerer in time.

    The caulker's apprentice, who attends to bring oakum, pitch, &c.

Word Origin & History of - apprentice

    Word Origin & History

    apprentice c.1300, from O.Fr. aprentiz "someone learning" (13c.), from aprendre (Mod.Fr. apprendre) "to learn, teach," contracted from L. apprehendere (see apprehend). Aphetic form prentice was long more usual in English. The verb is first attested 1630s.