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Word Example of - approach

    Example Sentences for approach

    I tell you, we would be in a tight place if they'd guarded this approach at all.

    I know about what you want and you'll have to approach me sooner or later, so let's get done with it.

    His approach to Melcher had been dramatic, terrifying, effective.

    They seldom fly, as wolves do, on the first approach of man.

    On the approach of the duke of Savoy he removed to Basel in 1579.

    Its spiny stems and leaves, which cut like razors, make it difficult to approach.

    It was the approach of the boat which the officer had observed.

    Did Nolus and Dion find it difficult to approach the praefect's body?

    Then we go outside to see that the approach to the house is satisfactory.

    The sound of the chace is heard, which betokens the approach of Adonis.

Word Origin & History of - approach

    Word Origin & History

    approach c.1300, from Anglo-Fr. approcher, from O.Fr. aprochier, from L.L. appropiare "go nearer to," from L. ad- "to" + L.L. propiare "come nearer," comparative of L. prope "near." Replaced O.E. neahlæcan. The noun is late 15c., from the verb. Figurative sense of "means of handling a problem, etc." is first attested 1905.

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