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Word Example of - approbation

    Example Sentences for approbation

    He was always affable and pleasing, especially when he desired to secure a person's approbation to being psychologized.

    She ceased, and looked at me with shining eyes for approbation.

    Such a clapping of hands, and shouts of approbation arose on this speech that I was in mortal fear lest we should be heard.

    Encouraged by the seor's approbation, the youth continued talking.

    It was printed and published with an approbation and privilege, which is more strange than the work itself.

    Has this measure the misfortune not to meet with your approbation?

    That approbation, however, seems not to have extended beyond his conduct in the Indian country.

    In a moment of asperity Jefferson had alluded to Lafayette's love of approbation.

    Your mother however comforts me by her approbation, and I steer myself in all that I produce by her judgment.

    There was a little murmur of approbation, and Clavering laughed.

Word Origin & History of - approbation

    Word Origin & History

    approbation late 14c., from O.Fr. aprobation, from L. approbationem, noun of action from approbatus, pp. of approbare (see approve).

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