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What is a better word for appropriate? What's another word for appropriate? What are 5 "appropriate synonyms"? How can I replace the word appropriate? What is the meaning of appropriate in English?

Word Example of - appropriate

    Example Sentences for appropriate

    The term Babi is not appropriate to the religion of Baha nor to his followers.

    Something which should be appropriate and respectful, yet witty.

    Each locality has its own most appropriate kinds, and he who is to plant, can best make the selections most fitted to his use.

    To his great grief he could not say mass, for want of wine and the appropriate vestments, which had been taken from him.

    The most noteworthy feature of the basin has received the appropriate name Hurricane.

    The appropriate ammunition for each was kept in the secret closet with the weapon.

    Except for church, crepe veils and clothes heavily trimmed with crepe are not appropriate in the country—ever!

    “The title is appropriate—I suggested it myself,” said Devore.

    I see them as a part of a whole, and rejoice in them in their own place without any desire to appropriate them.

    Spiritual like God, he can only recognize and appropriate what is God-like.

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