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What is a better word for appropriately? What's another word for appropriately? What are 5 "appropriately synonyms"? How can I replace the word appropriately? What is the meaning of appropriately in English?

Word Example of - appropriately

    Example Sentences for appropriately

    Later, after the young year had appropriately been ushered in, when the refreshments were being served, he might unbend somewhat.

    “Emily” was appropriately represented in such a Theatre, by Miss Garrick.

    This revival of classic taste in art is commonly and appropriately called Renaissance.

    The region of country was most appropriately styled "The Wilderness."

    Speak both in the senate and to every man, whoever he may be, appropriately, not with any affectation: use plain discourse.

    Cephalus, the patriarch of the house, has been appropriately engaged in offering a sacrifice.

    It also disapproved of the conduct of the commander, who has been appropriately punished.

    When completed, the new playhouse was appropriately christened "The Hope."

    The four wards are also appropriately titled, as symbolical of the effects which are usually produced by its improper application.

    And here Mira promptly and appropriately shrieked and fainted.

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