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Word Example of - approval

    Example Sentences for approval

    Professor Robinson listened attentively, and nodded his approval.

    And the heads of the Privy Council bowed as one in approval.

    There he had a dream, in which God signified his approval of Jacob and pronounced a blessing upon him.

    The views expressed run to both extremes of approval and disapproval.

    I hear the Cantata was admirably sung and won the Emperors approval.

    This, of course, did not meet with the approval of Signor d'Annunzio.

    For letters of approval from generals of division, colonels in command of regiments, medical and other authorities, see Addenda.

    Some direct stimulus, some immediate token of approval, is necessary.

    A young fellow up in New Hampshire has written a Vaudeville playlet and sent it on for my approval.

    He nodded in approval, then gave the clerk a nod of dismissal.

Word Origin & History of - approval

    Word Origin & History

    approval 1680s, from approve + -al (2). According to OED, "Rare bef. 1800; now generally used instead of" approvance (1650s, from Fr. aprovance).