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Word Example of - approving

    Example Sentences for approving

    Even in a language as rich as Italian, the number of approving adjectives is limited, and each can only have one superlative.

    "Your modesty is delightful, Juve," said M. Fuselier with an approving nod.

    They are liable for approving the discount of notes known to be worthless or of so doubtful value as to be obviously unsafe.

    "Not so bad, not so bad for a lad of your years," said the old man with an approving smile.

    Here goes for them, then, said Jolter, passing back the letter with an approving chuckle.

    “It suits you very well,” he went on, in his kind, approving way.

    “The queen has spoken,” replied Dick Harding with an approving smile.

    But we are far from approving of it as a substitute for death.

    Speaker, whilst admitting irregularity, stopped short of approving extreme course.

    As for Miss Pembroke, she was not approving or objecting at all.

Word Origin & History of - approving

    Word Origin & History

    approve mid-14c., "to attest (something) with authority," from O.Fr. aprover (Fr. approuver), from L. approbare "to assent to as good, regard as good," from ad- "to" + probare "to try, test something (to find if it is good)," from probus "honest, genuine" (see prove). The meaning extended late 14c. to "show (something) to be good," then to "assent to (something) as good" (early 15c.), especially in ref. to authorities, parliaments, etc.