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The Synonym of - approximation (noun)

Word Example of - approximation

    Example Sentences for approximation

    An approximation to these conditions was made in the following manner.

    The more perfect the approximation to truth, the more perfect is art.

    When a first approximation has been obtained in this way, further approximations can be obtained in various ways.

    This approximation, however, will serve all the purposes of this argument.

    History can never be other than an approximation to the truth, even when it relates to the events and characters of its own age.

    You cannot have read them without some approximation to our Church.

    Her code of manners included no approximation toward familiarity between a Talcott and a letter of lodgings.

    Even an approximation to it is rare, and absolute accuracy is still rarer.

    Here we have some approximation to the condition of the Earth, in circumstances, as in position.

    This does all that is needful for the first approximation to a planet's motion.

Word Origin & History of - approximation

    Word Origin & History

    approximation 1640s, "action of approximating," from L. approximare (see approximate). Meaning "result of approximating" is from 1650s.

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