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Word Example of - arch

    Example Sentences for arch

    The arches look as if they had supplanted a sixth arch of the nave.

    She looked at me with the smile of some arch old lady in a Louis XV pastel.

    He edged his way to where an arch had given access to the kitchen garden of the inn.

    Arch forms were erected for 96 ft. at the center of the tunnel, using 12-ft.

    The tilting ring, suspended from the top of the arch, was not more than an inch in diameter.

    The placing of the arch concrete completed the sewer barrel.

    The lifting of the keystone of the arch, when first inserted is a very interesting performance.

    The arch forms were moved ahead on iron rails and jacked into place.

    An old Norman arch is carved immediately above the window we have sketched, and completes the picture.

    The arch is Portland cement concrete of normally a 1-3-7½, 1½-in.

Word Origin & History of - arch

    Word Origin & History

    arch c.1300, from O.Fr. arche "arch of a bridge," from L. arcus (see arc). Replaced native bow (n.1). Transferred by 1590 to anything having this form (eyebrows, etc.). The verb meaning "to curve" is from 1620s. Related: Archway (1802).

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