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    Example Sentences for archetypal

    Yes, in the sight of God, like the archetypal ideas of the Platonists.

    All must be archetypal; every truth must pre-exist to its perception.

    These archetypal forms or ideas are the "thoughts of God" 586--they are the plan according to which he framed the universe.

    For the Divine Mind which planned the Archetypal also foreknew all its modifications.

    Apart then from the incarnation, the Word was archetypal man as well as God.

    We get it from a divine original, and the Archetypal Joker must have His fun.

    The problem of the archetypal plant was more absorbing than the finest groups of trees.

    Their perfection is not the individual mind or sense, but their archetypal 'ideas.'

    An entire civilization may be the 'body' used by an archetypal power.

    He had not wholly freed himself, however, from archetypal trammels.

Word Origin & History of - archetypal

    Word Origin & History

    archetypal 1640s, from L. archetypum (see archetype) + -al (1). Jungian sense is from 1923.