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The Synonym of - architecture (noun)

Word Example of - architecture

    Example Sentences for architecture

    It is just the sort of architecture that a merchant with a fortune would pay for.

    In architecture the Mizora people display an excellent taste.

    The Buddhist literature discovered in Central Asia represents, like its architecture, several periods.

    Architecture and geometry were subordinate to a literacy-dominated standard.

    Architecture lives through the life of things, and every hour of the day lends it a new expression.

    Architecture, as he knew it, ceased when printing became cheap.

    But it is most of all interesting for the nobility of its proportions and the simplicity of its architecture.

    Because the architecture of the grain resembles that of the crystal.

    Possibly this is exaggerated (Laing's knowledge of architecture was small), but there is in it an element of truth.

    The prothyrum, in Greek architecture, was the same as the vestibule.

Word Origin & History of - architecture

    Word Origin & History

    architecture 1560s, from Fr. architecture, from L. architectura, from architectus (see architect).

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