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Word Example of - archive

    Example Sentences for archive

    One room alone contained an archive of business documents estimated at thirty thousand.

    The Internet archive edition is a 1872 edition whereas this is a 1867 edition.

    I arrived at the Stadhuis as the others took their first look at the oak in the Archive Room.

    She came rushing out of the archive laden with precious records up to her chin.

    This ebook has been prepared from scanned images available from the Internet archive.

    Originally there were more tablets in the archive, but it had been rifled in ancient times.

    The ancient monastic library remains in the archive room, with its heavy oak cupboards.

    Above that is the archive room, where the elaborate town records are kept.

    Note that the copy at the Internet archive lacks pages 174–175.

    Such Missive, such two Missives (not now found in any archive) speed to England by express; may the winds be favorable.

Word Origin & History of - archive

    Word Origin & History

    archive 1934, from archives (q.v.).

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