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Word Example of - argot

    Example Sentences for argot

    I now observed, for the first time, that Argot had evidently tried to disguise himself.

    "It is a kind of argot which belongs only to Americans," I answered in an undertone.

    You wouldn't understand the argot in my songs, and if you did you wouldn't understand my being able to sing them.

    "That looks good to me," said Peter, delighted that the argot fell so aptly from his lips.

    I shouted, as Argot (for it was indeed he) tried to fire over his shoulder.

    For it was all refinement at the beginning, and wandered off into argot that was the very reverse.

    You are really not at all sure that the white face belonged to Argot, are you?

    The world of fashion, too, has its argot, its slang; but that slang is called style.

    She constantly used the argot of French thieves, which was often difficult for the young Englishman to understand.

    "Looks as if it would hold," he said in thieves' argot as he turned around.

Word Origin & History of - argot

    Word Origin & History

    argot 1860, from Fr. argot (17c.) "the jargon of Paris rogues and thieves," earlier "the company of beggars," from M.Fr., "group of beggars," origin unknown. The Eng. equivalent is cant. The Ger. equivalent is Rotwelsch, lit. "Red Welsh," but the first element may be connected with M.H.G. rot "beggar."

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