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What is a better word for argument? What's another word for argument? What are 5 "argument synonyms"? How can I replace the word argument? What is the meaning of argument in English?

Word Example of - argument

    Example Sentences for argument

    The argument which followed this announcement was not long, but spirited.

    As Newton says in his argument with Leibnitz, "the glory is due only to the inventor."

    But whatever the form of argument may be, the result is the same.

    It was no use; she always got the better of me in an argument.

    This, as we shall later see, is an important step in our argument.

    But January was so far away that no one thought of starting an argument on the subject.

    Blank ended his argument in a voice that left no doubt of his own faith in the effectiveness of his logic.

    In this silence he mapped out his argument, as he would have prepared a brief.

    The general condition of things produced by the fall of Adam could not be used as an argument against matrimony generally.

    They never had a 194compunction or a doubt about this argument.

Word Origin & History of - argument

    Word Origin & History

    argument late 14c., "statements and reasoning in support of a proposition," from Fr. argument (13c.), from L. argumentum, from arguere "to argue" (see argue). Sense passed through "subject of contention" to "a quarrel," a sense formerly attached to argumentation.