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Word Example of - aristocracy

    Example Sentences for aristocracy

    Never was it known that an aristocracy, which was haughty and tyrannical in one century, became easy and mild in the next.

    The old Russian boyars were an example of such an aristocracy.

    These much-isolated people look upon themselves as Nature's aristocracy.

    I suppose you mean to ship your aristocracy to England, Micah?

    As for those Egyptians who did not belong to this aristocracy, they had to be content with less expensive arrangements.

    The family of Tolomei was among the noblest of the Sienese aristocracy.

    Her modest look, in striking contrast with the stiffness and formality common to the aristocracy, interested Lord Byron.

    American plutocracy has never got itself respected like English aristocracy.

    If kept in order—under—they are the aristocracy of light conversationalists.

    But an aristocracy must be a minority, and it is arguable that the smaller it is the better.

Word Origin & History of - aristocracy

    Word Origin & History

    aristocracy 1560s, from M.Fr. aristocracie (Mod.Fr. aristocratie), from L.L. aristocratia, from Gk. aristokratia "government, rule of the best," from aristos "best" (originally "most fitting," from PIE *ar-isto-, superlative form of *ar- "to fit together") + kratos "rule, power" (see -cracy). At first in a literal sense; meaning "rule by a privileged class" (best-born or best-favored by fortune) is from 1570s and became paramount 17c. Hence, the meaning "patrician order" (1650s). In early use contrasted with monarchy; after French and American revolutions, with democracy.

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