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Word Example of - aristocratic

    Example Sentences for aristocratic

    You will rent a furnished apartment in some aristocratic quarter.

    It was simply an extension of the usage of aristocratic households.

    The aristocratic party in England, see this plainly enough, and I do not propose to endeavor to pull the wool over their eyes.

    In aristocratic society a man's family arrangements are his own prerogative.

    Naturally, there arose much jealousy between the gilds and the aristocratic companies, which exclusively ruled the republic.

    Very good looking, about my height, with an aristocratic air.

    (With a feeble attempt at what he thinks is the aristocratic manner) Afraid the Governor will be in the deuce of a rage.

    "Atheism is aristocratic," said Robespierre, thinking of Rousseau.

    Here among the Kosekin the wealthy class forms the mass of the people, while the aristocratic few consist of the paupers.

    He was accused of being too liberal and of being too aristocratic.

Word Origin & History of - aristocratic

    Word Origin & History

    aristocratic c.1600, "pertaining to aristocracy," from Fr. aristocratique, from Gk. aristokratikos "belonging to the rule of the best," from aristokratia (see aristocracy). Meaning "grand, stylish" is from 1845.

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