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Word Example of - aroma

    Example Sentences for aroma

    Man is the creator of his own happiness; it is the aroma of a life lived in harmony with high ideals.

    Lethbridge will have money to burn if he likes the aroma of the smoke.

    In the calm, windless doldrums, he never came up on deck but what the aroma of whisky travelled with him.

    As a result the aroma of their villages is a thing not soon forgotten.

    The theory is that the old coffee furnishes body and strength, and the fresh coffee the aroma.

    She also had her ideas about the delicacy and the aroma of a maiden's love.

    The aroma from these dishes floated through the festal hall.

    What you should do is to take a large mouthful and roll it round the tongue,—then you get the aroma.

    I am positive about this last statement, judging by the aroma.

    He carried an aroma of fun and light-heartedness about him that was simply contagious.

Word Origin & History of - aroma

    Word Origin & History

    aroma early 13c., from L. aroma "sweet odor," from Gk. aroma "seasoning, sweet spice," of unknown origin.

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